Monday, August 31, 2015

CodeMash 2016 Submissions

Well, CodeMash 2016 is quickly approaching. So, what better time than to submit your talks. As I write this, we have just under 2 hours left to submit talks & precompiler ideas.

I am submitting ideas for:
  • Designing a PCB Pre-Compiler
  • UART, I2C & SPI Talk
  • Introduction to Transistors Talk

My LeanDog co-worker, Steve Jackson, will be submitting a talk about some awesome load testing & environment architecture that we both worked on for a client that I will co-present. Also, I might be co-presenting a talk with Nick Barendt on Pub/Sub Patterns for IoT.

Of course, any or all of this "participation" in CodeMash is subject to the whims of the Tiki Gods that review the talk submissions.

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