Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Contextual Electronics... Now with Embedded!

Yeah, so it's been a while... OK, a loooong while since I last posted. So, what have I been up to?
  1. Youngest daughter turned 1 earlier this year, has become significantly more mobile...
  2. A lot of flooding happened in North East Ohio earlier in the year, been doing a lot of landscaping to try & repair things.
  3. I, along with Ronald Sousa, am working with Chris Gammell on the new Embedded curriculum of Contextual Electronics - The online Electronics Apprenticeship.
 This tweet kicked off the whole thing! I'm super excited to be working with Chris & Ron on this endeavor. I have done some embedded programming in the past, but this will take things to a whole new level... the HNL as a former co-worker once put it.

Ron made a great kickoff video about Migrating away from the Arduino IDE if you are interested in learning more about the magic in that environment.

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