Friday, September 9, 2016

There is an IoT Tech Group in Chardon, OH

In case you have missed it, there is an Internet of Things / Tech meetup group in Chardon Ohio that was recently created. While for me, this is a bit of a drive (no direct route from home) they are a new group and would be a great place to network and meet other folks in the area interested in the same subject matter for the Far/Near East Siders of Cleveland.

I am planning in the near future to be attending one of the meetups and possibly giving a talk or two to the members. See you there!

Also, don't forget that there is a monthly "Electro-Nerd" gathering called Charged Conversations that I usually attend on the first Thursday of each month. We have a number of regulars from diverse tech background that talk tech & electronics over a few beers at the Oak Barrel in Valley View.