Welcome to the blog of Eric Hankinson. I've been a professional software developer since 1999, and was doing freelance IT prior to that. I primarily work on web & embedded applications but have experience in building software for both Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. I've been revisiting my Sys Admin roots doing a lot of DevOps as well. I'm a proponent of software craftsmanship and am currently a software developer and Agile coach with LeanDog in Cleveland, OH.

The bulk of my programming experience is with Microsoft technologies. I have spent the last few years moving to other languages such as Ruby, Python, Objective-C, Perl and C. I also enjoy working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas & SVG. I've been a Systems Administrator, Landscaper and General Contractor in my previous lives.

In my spare time,  I spend time with my growing family. When I'm not doing that, or hacking away on code, I also enjoy Woodworking, Landscaping, Gardening, and helping my friends with their own DIY projects. I enjoy learning new things and am always looking to expand my horizons.

In the off chance that you are trying to determine if we're related (there are many Hankinsons out there) my family is from the New Baltimore area of Pennsylvania and can trace its roots there back to 1781.


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